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Tuesday, March 12 2013

Yesterday morning, I sat at a red light and just outside my door stood a man with a cardboard sign made from the box of a case of beer.  The sign declared that he was hungry and needed work.  My first (humanly) instinct was to ignore him and than I looked for change in my cup holders.  Finding only three pennies, I felt that I should take him to breakfast.  I rolled down my window and asked if he was hungry.  He said that he had not eaten since the day before.  I took him to McDonalds.

As we sat at the restaurant, I began the conversation by asking him about his life.  He filled in some details and we chatted.  He ate his sandwich in big gulping bites and held his coffee to warm his frozen hands.  I secretly thanked God for His blessings upon me.

There are many people that wander this world that fall through the cracks of society.  They are invisible to all except for those closest to them.  Perhaps, they have addictions and mental illness that have caused them to make poor decisions or to be shunned.  The conventional wisdom is to "throw money" at them, but this method has proven to be less than effective.  Yes, I did feed that man yesterday, but I dropped him off at the spot that I picked him up at.  Therefore, he found himself at the same place that he was before. 

If we are to be "Just like Jesus",  we need to feed people as Jesus fed the 5000.  We need to love people as He did Zacheaus and the many others, but if we are to be effective like Jesus we must introduce them to the saving power of the God.  It may take a sandwich,  being a friend to the friendless or simply spending some time with someone that allows you to cross the bridge to telling them about Jesus Christ.

I will follow up with the man that I met yesterday.  I will do everything that I can do to help, but my most important goal is to let him know about the love of Jesus Christ.  Jesus touched people's lives.  I want to be just like Jesus.

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