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Tuesday, April 22 2014

My personal library has included many leadership books.  The books have been written by spiritual, military and fire service leaders.  Each one brings a unique perspective to the art of leading people and I glean something from all of them (except for the guy that writes a new book referring back to his other books).  Leading people to Jesus Christ and heaven is the pastor's calling, but all the books in the world will not replace finding God's leadership lessons in prayer, fasting and His Word.

Having a daily conversation with Jesus Christ is essential for Christian leaders.  According to, "(Pastors) median amount of prayer time per day is 30 minutes. During that time, a typical pastor spends 12 minutes with prayer requests, 8 in quiet time, 7 giving thanks, 7 more in praise, and 5 confessing sin. The top 5 things they pray for are individual congregation member’s needs, congregation’s spiritual health, wisdom in leading church, spiritual growth for church, and personal spirtual growth. (Facts & Trends 5/6/05)"

Is 30 minutes of prayer enough for a Christian leader?  That is truly between them and God, but is 30 minutes enough conversation with your spouse?  God has given me a calling to feed his sheep.  His Word tells us...

Isaiah 55:9 KJV
[9] For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
The Apostle Paul wrote to Corinthian church...
1 Corinthians 2:16 KJV
[16] ...But we have the mind of Christ.
If I am to finish "...God's sentences", I must have an open dialogue with Him.  A Christian leader must know the voice of God and be prepared to obey it without question.  Often times, that word is not comfortable to you or those in the church, but we must be willing to preach the Word.  
Leaders are readers, so please glean from the leadership books written.  As Christian leaders, our message must line up to the Word of God despite outside influences that come often from the Christian world.  A true Christian leader will be strong in prayer and in the Word. Compromising is never an option.
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