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Friday, November 09 2018

Have you ever had a time in your life where everything seems upside-down or out of whack?  The adjectives could continue, but I think you get the idea.  Perhaps, you look at your life and wonder how you arrived at this location.  It is okay because most people find themselves at this place at some point.  It could be life or spiritual warfare.  Maybe, it is a combination of both.  Things happen.  People lie.  Satan lies.  Disaster occurs.  Sickness kills.  Destruction appears.  The world just seems upside-down and hope fades.

As a pastor, this is where I sermonize and tell you that everything will turn out and you will walk on clouds while dancing on the devil’s head.  The truth is...if you are faithful, God will carry you through.  The result may not be how you envision it, but God has spoken to me in the last year or so as I went through some things in my life.  He said “wait and pray” and “stand”.  These two seem synonomous  I can stand against lies and against the wiles of Satan while I just wait on God to handle the situation.  One thing that I can be assured of is that God will prevail.  Truth will not be hidden and the tactics of the enemy will be revealed.  

As you make your journey, please keep your eyes on Jesus.  The devil operates in your emotions or humanity, but prayer and fasting allow the fruit of the Spirit to be evident.  When you world seems upside-down learn to pray and fast.  It was John the Baptist that said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  

Please do not suffer through your journey alone.  I encourage you to pray, but call on others to pray with you.  Surround yourself with Godly people that will lift you up in prayer and give you positive fellowship.  Eliminate the negative people from your life and attach yourself to the church family.  

There will be times in your life that life is just plain crazy.  Do not navigate that wilderness by yourself, but look to God and his church.  Pray...Pray...Pray and then pray some more.  God will take care of you are you will emerge better despite what the devil tries to tell you.  The devil is a liar.


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