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Monday, May 14 2018

Winston Churchill said, "The price of greatness is responsibility."   Leadership is about setting a vision and leading followers to the next level.  It is not about making every decision, but it is about doing the right thing.  It is about serving and loving people.  It is about communicating and transparency.  It is about trust.  It is not about rank or position, it is about influence.  

Jesus is the greatest leader to ever live.  In our eyes, Jesus would not have been a successful leader because he had only a few followers.  He died with only one of his follower at His feet while one denied Him and another betrayed Him.  It is not about the number of followers, but the effectiveness of your leadership.  In reality, if we led in the model and example of Jesus, we would love and serve those that God has given us even if the number remains just a few.  It may be one of those followers that God uses to bring revival.

The Bible is our leadership manual.  I have read many, many books on leadership and have formal education in leadership.  I have led as a firefighter/paramedic and a pastor.  These positions and classes have given me knowledge and experience, but it is in the scripture that I have come to understand the heart of a leader.  I want to lead like Jesus. 

Jesus restored. 

Jesus gave mercy. 

Jesus loved. 

Jesus gave grace. 

Jesus taught.

Jesus communicated.

Jesus blessed. 

Jesus forgave.  

When God gives us the opportunity to lead, please lead in a way that you build and not destroy.  When you lead, do what Jesus did.  Do not lead in a way that protects you from pain.  Become vulnerable.  Do the right thing.  

Have a great week!

Pastor Robert P. Eaby, Jr.

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