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Monday, September 24 2012
I am temporarily moving away from my video blogs and back to the the "old fashion" method of typing.  Hopefully, my use of video will be back in full use soon. 

As a pastor, I have come to realize the magnitude of trials, situations, circumstances and issues that bind the people that we rub shoulders with each day.  The people that you often think are the most well "put together" are sometimes suffering the most.  The door to their home that separates them from the outside also divides them as people.  The facade that goes up when the door opens does not make them hypocritical, but is necessary for survival. 

Character is defined as, "What we are when nobody is looking".  What if when nobody is looking, thoughts of suicide or self destruction consumes the person that appears so confident at their office.  Their problems consume them when at night they have nobody to listen.  They do not lack character, nor are they hypocritical.  They are human. 

In the Bible, God placed six cities throughout Israel that would act as "cities of refuge".  If a person kills someone through no fault of their own, they could run to these cities to escape judgement.  The law stated "an eye for an eye" and the family of the one killed could exact justice unless the killer could make it to the city.  The church is now the place of refuge for those that have no direction or hope.  It is within the arms of Jesus that we find grace and mercy.  It is through praise that the things that bind us fall away. 

If you find yourself in a situation of hopelessness, look to Jesus!  The church is a place of safety and peace.  Within its walls, you will find others that have escaped from the destruction of sin.  It is where you can find hope and where you can find the peace you desire on both sides of your door.
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