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Wednesday, November 07 2012
It would be wonderful if we lived in a heavenly place that everything and everyone was perfect.  This would be a place where suicide, molestation and the pain from just living did not exist.  The preacher could stand in a pulpit and tell everybody that they were just fine the way they are and the masses could exit the church door the same way that they came. 

Perhaps, we could live in a world where if things were wrong that we could "pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps".  Where our humanity overcame the obstacles of life by merely "seizing the day".  In this world, the preacher would be an encourager with little substance and the congregation would be the same on Monday as they were on Sunday.

The reality of life is that we do not live in a utopian or "mind over matter" society, but one that is over run by the sinful nature of man.  The suffering of man continues as we search for something greater to fill the void within us.  There are those that turn to alcohol, drugs and/or sex to try to fill that emptiness that goes deep.  There may be others that have no direction or hope and feel as they wonder aimlessly through life.  It is in this world, our world, that the preacher must look across the pulpit and lovingly preach against sin.  It is then that the sinner (we are all sinners) sees their sinful nature and can come to understand the HOPE that is found in Jesus Christ.  It is in that church that the congregation leaves forever changed by the Word and forgiving power of God.

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