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Tuesday, February 25 2014

Water is necessary to sustain life.  That is an unarguable point.  Health experts have suggested that we drink water everyday because our body consists of water and hydration is important to our well-being.

Although, water is essential to life, we can not afford to start drinking any and all water.  When water is not flowing it becomes stagnant.  Stagant water contains high levels of bacteria, stinks and creates opportunities for mosquito reproduction.  It is not healthy to drink or bathe in and is not beneficial to our health.  It is gross water!

The creation of stagnant water can be eliminated by simply the flow of water.  Water that is moving does not have a chance to become a Petri dish for bacteria, smelly or the honeymoon suite for mosquitos.  

As an Apostolic leader, we can not afford to become stagnant.  We must constantly move forward through studying of the Word, prayer, fasting and faithfulness.  The Apostolic leader must also look for training opportunities through seminars, conferences or online.  Iron sharpens iron and not "rubbing elbows" with peers can cause one to slow the flow of their ministry.  

Today on Twitter, it was posted "leaders are readers".  Every Christian leader should be a reader.  Our priority should be the scripture,  but we can also glean from Christian writers.  I must admit that, I do not always read just "religious" books, but enjoy American history.  

Reading makes us critical thinkers and increases our vocabulary.  When we communicate, we should connect with the audience and having an extensive vocabulary assists us in reaching a broader group.  

Our ministries must never change doctrinally, but the method for which we do things should be under constant evaluation.  The promotions, service order and outreach methods of the 80 and 90's may not work in 2014.  For example, a song written in 1914 may not communicate to an audience now.  When we train, spend time with other leaders and read, we are opening ourselves to the methods of others.  Perhaps, you can avoid mistakes by learning from them.  

Stagnant waters stinks and stagnant ministries (Sunday school teacher, music minister, usher, etc...) are ineffective.  Please invest in your ministry just as you would a job, if not more so.   Your ministry is a heaven and hell issue for people and your investment in the ministry or talent that God has given you will make the difference in the lives of the people of your community.  Stay connected to the mover and shakers within the ministry that you are involved with and learn to flow as a blessing to those around you.

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