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Tuesday, December 09 2014

Require ~ to have need of; need.

The question is simple.  What does God require of me? The answer is simple.  The Bible is full of things that God requires of us.  There are steps to salvation, lifestyle choices and to endure to the end.  Pastors stand in pulpits each week and preach the "requirements" that God expects so that we can make it to heaven.  

We are required to pray, study the Bible, fast and attend church.  We are required to bear fruit, display the fruit of the Spirit, and operate in the Gifts of the Spirit.  We are required to "go" and make disciples, preach the word and be instant in season and out.  We are required to mature as Christians and stay on the narrow path.  We are required to fight the good fight of faith and endure to the end.   

There is one word that God requires of us that encapsulates everything tht we are to do to make it to heaven.  That word is "obedience".  Obedience has been a theme throughtout scripture starting with Adam and Eve.  Noah was told how to build an ark and Moses was given the exact instructions on constructing the tabernacle.

God has never left it to man to "figure it out".  He has given us the instructions on how to make it to heaven.  We call it the Bible.  It includes instructions how to receive salvation and mature as Christians.  

When asked, "What does God require of me?", the answer is simply "obedience".  When obedient, everything else falls into place.

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