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Monday, April 11 2016

Lot was Abraham's nephew.  He was the son of Abraham's brother Haran.  Lot is a controversial character within scripture because it seemed trouble followed him, but Peter wrote in 2 Peter 2:

7 And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:
8 (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)
The Bible is the greatest source of wisdom because it is the very Word of God.  Within the pages of this ancient book are the stories of men and women for which we can gleen wisdom and learn from their victories and failures.  Lot is not an exception.
1. Find your own calling
Abram was given instructions by God.
Genesis12:1 Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:
Abraham was told to leave everyone and everything.  He did not follow the instructions to the letter.

Genesis 12:4 So Abram departed, as the Lord had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran.

We must find our own calling in God.  Lot followed Abram, but that was not his ministry.  Your calling may to follow a man of God, but that was not Lot's calling.  Abram brought Lot even though God told Abram to leave him home.  Sometimes it is not your turn to be used of God in a vibrant way. 
We have no idea what Lot's ministry would have been if he had stayed in Haran, but perhaps God was going to use him mightily.
Pray for your calling.  If you are willing to be used, God is able to open doors.
2. All that glitters is not gold
Genesis 13
7 And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram's cattle and the herdmen of Lot's cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land.
8 And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdmen and thy herdmen; for we be brethren.
9 Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.
10 And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar.
When given a choice, Lot chose the "well - watered" plain of Jordan as his home.  It looked like the Garden of Eden and was attractive to anyone that needed to feed their flocks.  Lot entered the area wealthy. When Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were eventually destroyed, he exited the city with nothing in his hands (because the angels were holding them).
If something seems exciting and flashy, it is not because God has put his blessing upon it.  The greatest Apostolic preacher was not an great public speaker, but when he did preach there was a demonstration of Spirit and power.  John gave us very sound advice:
1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
3. Submit to a pastor
Genesis 14
12 And they took Lot, Abram's brother's son, who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods, and departed.
13 And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederate with Abram.
14 And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan.

There may be times in our lives that we find ourselves bound and in the hands of the enemy.  Our lives are in ruins.  You will need someone that will fight hell for your soul.

Jude 1
22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
23And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.
Your pastor is not perfect, but they watch for your soul.  He will pray and fast for you while doing everything that they can do to make sure you make it to heaven. 
Hebrews 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.
4. Have an intercessor
Genesis 18:23 And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?
Momma's are good. A praying daddy is powerful.  Lot had Abraham.  You need a prayer partner in your life that intercedes for you.  It may be your pastor, but it could be someone else.  It cannot be anyone, but someone that knows how to enter into the presence of God. 
James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
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