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Monday, June 20 2016
My dad, Robert P. Eaby, Sr., is my pastor.  After years of pastoring a church, he has the "privilege" of pastoring my brother and I.   Having been my pastor nearly my entire life, I have gleaned a few things from him.  The list that I am writing about is not comprehensive, but are important when dealing with others.
1. Be a servant
Jesus was the most influential man that ever lived, but he took on the role of a servant.  He served rather than ruled.  He blessed rather than cursed.  He loved rather than hated.  My dad taught me that a preacher is a servant.  As pastor, he fixed cars and did plumbing for those that did not have the means to hire someone.  We moved more people in and out of homes than I can count.  
Dad is a worker.  He is also handy.  I am not great at fixing things, but it is the attitude of a servant that is important.  He taught me that I should do for others and not look for anything in return.  My purpose is not to build my kingdom, but the Kingdom of God.  
Serving is difficult and sacrificial, but it is a requirement to be a minister of the Gospel.
2. Be ethical
Ethics is defined as, "Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior."  As Christians and ministers, we should always be ethical toward each other.  From early in my ministry, my dad has instilled in me that communicating with other pastors maintains trust.  
A church cannot be built on the saints from church down the street.  That is a house of cards.  People will leave a church and pop up at another assembly.  That is the cost of doing business, but ethics dictate that the receiving preacher does the right thing.  
The body of Christ is not a group in one particular city.  It is the entire body of believers around the world.  Being ethical among each other insures that trust is maintained and keeps feelings from being hurt. 
The ministry is here to bring the gospel to the entire world, and God has asked us to simply do the right thing.  
3. Be a soul winner
My dad is a Bible - study teaching pastor that has seen many people filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name because he invested in them.  God had brought him a mighty long way and he was willing to tell his story.  He personifies the soul-winning pastor. 
As a pastor, he never stopped winning souls.  His eternal legacy includes pastors, preachers and church planters.  He continues to teach Bible studies and reach the lost.  His passion for souls is apparent and sets an example for the next generation of preachers.
Thank you, dad, for instilling principles to guide me as a Christian and a pastor.  
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