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Monday, April 17 2017
A timeline from Adam to Noah

I love to study the Bible and our church has just completed a detailed study of Genesis.  We have pulled "nuggets" from the Word of God and I believe that we have a greater understanding of Creation, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  Last week as we were concluding the Book of Genesis, there was some discussion on the "overlapping" of lives because the tremendous amount of years that those following creation lived.

I have attached a chart that I made on my iPad from information pulled from Genesis 5.  The computer did the math and I hope the chart is self explanatory.  It works in my head.  The blue represents time from the beginning of the years of Adam to the birth of the person on the left of the graph.  The green represents the life of the person and the gold reveals the years prior to the flood.  It appears to me that the flood was about 1656 years after the beginning of time.  

My belief is that time began at the fall.  Adam and Eve could have lived in the Garden of Eden an extensive amount of "time" prior to the fall, but time would have not mattered in a place that did not have disease or death.  Therefore, Adam lived 930 years after the fall.  

I would like to hear any comments on this chart.  


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