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Friday, August 03 2018

Much of the ministerial training that I have has come my dad.  My dad has never preached at a conference to thousands (that I know of), but he did establish a fantastic and anointed Apostolic church.  His spiritual legacy is amazing having his grandkids and children serving God.  There are three ministers including two pastors in his immediate family.  Furthermore, he was a legend as a leader and a fireman during a 27 year career.  He has earned two gold medals for valor and has done things that most just read about, but there is one thing that I have learned from him that has stuck with me in everything that I do.  He has taught me to be ethical.

As a student, I learned and studied ethics including taking an entire class on the subject.  Ethics has been defined many ways, but it is simply doing the right thing.  Furthermore, it is doing the thing that is most correct when there are two correct answers.  In the fire service (yes, I was a firefighter/paramedic), someone once said to “do right in the do right zone”.  It is a simple but amazing saying that are words to live by.

My questions that I used to title this blog post is obviously provocative.  As Christians, we should want to do the right thing and our question to ourselves when we act upon somehting is, “Am I doing the right thing?”  More importantly, are we treating people as Jesus would treat others?  Are we being forgiving or seeking revenge?  Are we being humble or proud?  The questions are infinate, but our actions toward each other should be filtered through the Bible.  

As leaders, ethics should be a standard that should not be crossed.  Yes, we will make mistakes, but own them and move on.  Communicate with others in a respectful way to build trust.  Ethics does not include revenge or silence.  It does include helping where help is needed.  Are you working to build or destroy?  The church is not immune to not doing the right thing, therefore we should be deliberate and prayerful in our decision making.  We need to be careful to not have notches on our gun, if you will, marking the people that we have destroyed.  Love one another is a commandment.  

Ethics are not dead in the church, but we need to be sure that we take responsibility that we are ethical.  We as the church should love and communicate while building lives.  

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