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Wednesday, August 08 2018

As a “middle-aged” man, I have been under the leadership of many people.  In addition, I have been observant of leaders.  A philosophy that I have adopted since I was a teenager was to watch leaders and take on qualities that I deem good leadership while shunning the characteristics of poor leadership.  

This does not have to be a long blog, but I want to list some qualities that I have observed as good characteristics of leadership:

  • Prayerful
  • Always a student/growing
  • Good communications
  • Transparent
  • Willing to own mistakes and apologize
  • Work to help build others despite their current weaknesses (see the potential in people)
  • Protect your subordinates
  • See the best in people
  • Be decisive and stick to the decision
  • Know that there are two sides to every story
  • A listener

There are some things that I do not like in leaders:

  • Political (this means playing politics, not having political opinions)
  • Vengeful
  • Indecisive (don’t stick your head in the sand either)
  • Making decisions based on little information
  • Lacking common sense
  • Not willing to apologize
  • Micromanaging
  • Thinking your opinion is the only opinion

What kind of leader so you want to be?  Look around and adopt the good characteristics of great leaders.  Learn from bad leaders by shunning their poor leadership characteristics.  This does not mean that you only look at people that have “position” because their rank may have not been earned but they may have achieved their spot because of who they are or know.  Understand that some leaders may be a leader of one or informal leaders that influence from the bottom up.  Learn from the best leaders!

Be blessed!

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