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Wednesday, June 26 2019

It has been awhile since I posted a blog, but I am in a very slow fireworks stand and it is a good time to reflect on the goodness of God. God has been to me (and you) and we should take a time to ponder His blessings.

It ws the Psalmist that declared...

Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

This declaration reveals that God is always with us and that His nature or characteristics will be evident in our lives.  It is often said that God is good.  This is just more than a statement said to comfort another, but it is putting the goodness of God into the atmosphere.  When turmoil surrounds you, it is amazing to think on the goodness of God.  

The song states, When I think of His goodness and what He has done for me....I want to dance, dance dance.

How has God revealed His goodness to you?  What has He done to make you want to dance?

Has he delivered you through a sickness, financial problem or the loss of a loved one?

Take some time and ponder His goodness.  

Our church has seen several receive the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name in recent months.  God has been so good.  We look to Him to continue to change lives in our community because it is in His nature to be good and extend mercy.  

In addition, we have seen lives blessed and changed by the power of God.  We have had tremendously Apostolic services and our guest speakers have been anointed with a amazing prophetic word for our church.

God sure is good!



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