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Tuesday, November 13 2007

I was reading the book of James and he writes something that strikes me as essential for all Christians, but even more important for a leader within the church.  It is a simple statement that has profound consequences.  If we apply this very important Biblical principle to every relationship and aspect of our life than I believe that we would enjoy a peace that only Jesus can give.

James wrote in James 1:19 ...let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Imagine if this principle was applied to you family and your spouse and kids know that when they speak that you listen.  My wife often tells me that I hear, but I do not listen.  She is right.  I can repeat what she says, but do not comprehend her conversation.  As my wife, I need to LISTEN to her the most. 

Patience is another Biblical principle that we need to practice.  This is very important when it comes to our speaking and our attitude.  It can be difficult to fix what is said and done in anger.  Although, time heals all wounds, the time it takes to heal can be miserable and frustrating.

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