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Tuesday, November 20 2007

How often have we sang a song in church or in our car and even as we bellow out the lyrics at the top of our lungs, we simply do not comprehend the lyrics.  We may worship, praise or simply just sway to the music, but the words mean nothing to us.  How sad because there are many great hymns that have become extinct in most churches that have powerful messages.  They speak of the blood of Jesus Christ and its redeeming power or perhaps how we will eventually fly away.  Perhaps, their sound does not appeal to the masses as they once did, but the words were powerful messages to a lost world.

Many songs that are written today are accompanied by very powerful videos.  They give the words meaning and power through our sight rather than our hearing.  One such video was produced by one of my favorite groups, Casting Crowns.  It has a message that will stick and is relevant to us and to those in the future.  It speaks of the Christians duty to minister to those that are lost and looking.  I hope that you enjoy the video and become convicted by its message.


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