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Tuesday, December 11 2007

I have not written much on leadership within this blog. I have spoken of it as a general idea, but have not addressed it directly,but I have chosen to change that today. 

I have always found it interesting to read leadership books and each one presents a different spin on the subject.  We glean from them and are able to process the information into a vision so that we can blaze our own trails as leaders.  Obviously, some people have a talent that allows them to be leaders as naturally as walking or talking, but I also believe that leaders can be mentored.

As leaders within the church, it is important to understand that prayer is the foundation for our vision. A leader that leads without prayer is leading, but fails to lead with focus or direction.  If I was traveling to Los Angeles from Virginia and just decided to head west without mapping out a specific route, I will indeed eventually make it to the Pacific Ocean.  Although, I would not make it to Los Angeles. Prayer keeps us focused while giving us the direction so that we arrive at our intended destination.

Leaders must know where they headed.  As a leader you must be willing to make adjustments, but never change your vision.  A leader without vision or one that changes visions will never reach their full potential and their followers will remain immature.  It is important for a leader to not confuse quoting John Maxwell and true leadership.  Leadership is a dirty business.  It may require you to get down in the mud to influence those that nobody else wants or remain stalwart as the naysayers attack your vision, but a true leader will maintain thief direction and may even be invigorated by the testing of their vision. 

Leaders must be willing to stand alone to make a difference.  It is not always easy, but leaders do what is right and do it with love.  They are loyal to those that follow them and should expect loyalty from their followers.  Loyalty is a character trait that sadly is fading away as each generation passes, but should be held as something that is desirable in all leaders.  Loyalty breeds unity and unity breeds souls.  Souls is the vision...

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