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Thursday, December 13 2007

On a lighter note...

For those of you that know me well, I have to confess.  I lost my cellphone again. It was recovered without any harm coming to it after paying a hefty ransom (just kidding...about the ransom).  When I lost my phone for the millionth time, I realized how much I depend on it.  The thought came to me that my wife had no other means of contacting me and that I have my schedule for the next millennium neatly tucked away within its memory.  How can I pastor without my cellphone? 

It is amusing to me that just a few years ago, we did not have cellphones.  I was 23 when I purchased my first hand held phone that really resembled a brick (or even a cinder block).  I am currently 36.  That is not really that many years ago, but it was thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars ago. 

The truth is that I really like having the technology to call from anywhere and anytime. Pay phones are really gross.  Despite the risk of brain tumors (that science is subject to change at a moments notice), I think we are healthier because we do not have to share phones with the neighborhood spreading the diseases that comes from spit and earwax.

There was truly a technique to talking on a pay phone.  First, it was important to keep the conversation short.  Next, there could be no contact between your ear, face or mouth and the phone.  The proper distance that a phone should be kept from the  your face was one to two inches and you had to speak loud enough so that you cold be heard.  I am not sure that you actually had to hear the other person because pay phones should have only been used to pass information and not receive it.  Simply, they were in case of emergency only.

Perhaps, this blog will go into cyberspace and like a time capsule, it will educate future generations on the hardships of living without instant communication.  They will discover that we actually had to pull over and find a phone if we wanted to call someone or use a phone that a billion other people used.  The good ole days had their hardships.

Have a great day!

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