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Saturday, January 12 2008

I am sorry that I am writing this so late, but some days are busier than others and I am sure everyone can understand...

I was looking online and an article caught my eye.  The headline reads...

Blair speech kindles speculation over EU presidency

This headline may or may not mean anything to you, but for those that understand Biblical prophecy it should at least raise an eyebrow.  The Reuters article written by Nick Antonovics states:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair kindled speculation he was running to be the first president of the European Union by praising the bloc in a speech in Paris as France prepares to oversee the appointment process.

"Terrorism, security, immigration, organized crime, energy, the environment, science, biotechnology and higher education. In all these areas, and others, we are much stronger and able to deliver what our citizens expect from us as individual nations if we are part of a strong and united Europe," Blair said.

As I have stated in previous posts, it is difficult to point to specific current events and say it is indeed what the scripture spoke of concerning the end time, but this article reveals to me that the possibility certainly exists that the one world government is approaching. 

I am aware of the many issues that face the world today and how they could change the way we live.  Our personal liberties become increasingly limited in the name of security and we continue to move to a more global society.  These are all very interesting and should be to every Christian, but the most important thing for any Christian is to be ready and be careful to ensure that you are listening to sound doctrine.  Remember, Jesus warned us to not be deceived.


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