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Thursday, January 17 2008

I am sorry that I missed posting yesterday...We have unexpected, but welcomed company from the great state of Michigan.

I do want to make an announcement of great proportions.  It is not another sign of the endtime or a revelation found in the scripture, but important to my family.


For those that follow this blog, I posted a couple of times prior to Christmas that I was shopping for a Wii.  I was not in anyway standing out in the cold at 3 AM shopping, but none the less shopping.  I did have to suffer through the humiliation of even asking for a Wii and having the clerks barrel over in laughter, but I have triumphed.

My son and I played the Wii last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it and now my arms are tired from swing tennis rackets and punching during the boxing match. 

Have a great day!



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