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Wednesday, March 19 2008

This blog serves a purpose and that is to strengthen me and the readers in the word of God.  It is important to understand the need to rightly divide the word and fully understand the scripture and Biblical principles. 

I am sure that most have become acutely aware of the crashing of religion and politics this week in the news. It is a line that is often crossed, but perhaps in not such a high profile situation.  I believe that it is our duty as an American to vote, but I believe that the church should remain nonpolitical.  Obviously, there will be situations such as abortion that smacks in the face of the scripture and churches should address such issues with love and wisdom.  In studying the life of Jesus, I do not read of him addressing the political situations of the day.  It is our mission to preach the gospel and not to endorse candidates.  When the church becomes political it loses its vision of reaching the lost and becomes something undesirable. 

I truly enjoy writing this blog, but the most political that I want to be is to say that I am not political.  My opinion on the president or congress does not win souls.  I pray that I can reach the lost and I hope that is your prayer also. 

May God bless you and I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Yours for souls,

Pastor Robert P. Eaby, Jr.


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