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Friday, May 09 2008

Sorry for the few days in between posts, but some things are out of my control. I hope you understand...

When I read my Bible, I use a color pencil to mark scriptures that I want to highlight. The Bible is a working book and should be thought of as so.  It is helpful to maintain your Bible as long as possible (they often can become family heirlooms), but it should not be treated as a photo album in that it comes out only when family or friends are present.  I write notes in the margin, highlight scriptures and even write names of preachers, sermon titles and dates next to the scripture text of sermons that I may hear.  The Bible is your weapon and you should know it best.

In reading the book of Luke this morning, a particular scripture caught my attention (I highlighted it).   It simply says...

Luke 1:4 That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed.

I have often written of the importance of studying God's word.  This scripture once again reiterates that point.  It is not my intention to be repetitive, but I believe that it is important to really understand this principle. 

This scripture is simply Luke writing to Theophilus and saying that I am writing this so that you have a greater understanding of those things that you have been taught already.  Perhaps, Theophilus was in the I believe stage and Luke wanted to take him to I know...

There are many of Christians that can say I believe, but how many can say I know....It is simply a matter of study.

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