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Tuesday, May 27 2008

I realize that it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted...some things are just out of my control, but I am going to give it every effort to try to post again consistently.  I appreciate the time that each of you take to read this blog.

The following is an article that I wrote for the newsletter for Beacon Ministries.  Beacon Ministries is a ministry to help homosexuals to come to know the love of Jesus Christ.  This article was published in their May 2008 edition and it speaks to the vision of Cornerstone Chapel...

What would Jesus do?

Pastor Robert P. Eaby,Jr.

Cornerstone Chapel


A few months ago, a friend that had recently been elected to pastor a large church said something that has become a compass for which I use to steer my attitude in everything I do as a pastor.  In our conversation, he spoke of his established church that he had recently begun to pastor and the church plant that I began in 2006.  He stated that a home missions church takes on the attitude of the pastor.  Perhaps, this is true of all churches over time, but I realized that everything that I do can affect Cornerstone Chapel of King George, Virginia for many years. 


If my attitude sets the tone for the church then my priorities and vision become the direction for which the church moves.  The rhetorical question what would Jesus do creates a fork in the road for each decision and our support for Beacon Ministries was one such fork.  I knew what Jesus would do.


My introduction to Beacon Ministries was through a phone call one evening while in prayer.  On the other end was a young man that grew up on an Apostolic pew, but now battled the sin of homosexuality.  His life was in shambles and I learned later, he was contemplating suicide.  What would Jesus do? I spoke with him then we prayed.  He did not live in our area, but I connected him with a church that was and soon became aware of Beacon Ministries. 


My understanding of the gay lifestyle is limited. I do have a couple friends that are openly gay, and I do believe that perhaps the lack of understanding creates tension among the gay community and the church.  Our stance on homosexuality should reflect the love of Jesus Christ.  There are several examples of Jesus dealing with those involved in sexual sin and John 4:4 reflects His desire to reach out when it states and he must needs go through Samaria.  Samaria was a place that the Jews avoided and the woman that Jesus needed to see was an outcast among the Samaritans.  She had been married five times and was living with a man that was not her husband, but Jesus loved her and revealed to her eternal truths. 


It is my desire that Cornerstone Chapel be a church that understands that people need Jesus.  That may sound simplistic, but we must comprehend that the love we show sinners must be without prejudice.  Many employers post policies suggesting that employees will not be discriminated against based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, age, or disability.   Our outreach should show the same commitment as these employers so that everyone has an opportunity to feel the love of Jesus Christ.


Our attitude toward the lost dictates the direction of the church.  Beacon Ministries allows Cornerstone Chapel an opportunity to express its desire to reach those that have fallen into homosexuality.  Our monthly check and daily prayers will help to produce saints that are without prejudice and understanding of those that need Jesus.  Always remembering, what He did.




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