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Thursday, November 20 2008

The X that is pictured above sits on a shelf in my office.  I received it while at Direction '08 in St. Louis.  It is made of wood and is painted red.  There is nothing spectacular or beautiful about this X, but it represents something that is powerful and meaningful. 

My wife and I have the privilege of home schooling our son.  My wife does 99% of the instructing, but once in a while I will substitute and have the opportunity to teach my son the principles of math.  We speak of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  Recently, we spoke of using multiplication rather than addition.  I told him that multiplication would allow him to reach his answers in certain problems with less mathematical equations and to reach his goal faster and more efficient.  If the church were to think in terms of multiplication and not addition then our growth would be faster and more efficient.  Acts 16:5 states...

And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.

If we are to multiply, then we must multiply the amount of leaders, saints and churches.  We must broadcast our vision beyond the walls of the church building and preach the Gospel with a renewed desire to reach the lost.  We need to multiply ourselves and our church.  Our desire should be to see churches in every town, county and city.  The passion for souls should consume us and our prayer life should reflect our desire to reach the lost.

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