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Tuesday, February 24 2009
My wife and I recently purchased and watched the movie "Fireproof".  I do not want to give the movie away, but I highly recommend it for all that are married.  It has a terrific message that speaks to all married couples including those that do not consider themselves "having trouble". 

The movie is based around the concept of the love dare.  I bought The Love Dare as a Valentine's Day gift for Angel and we have started to work through the dare.  It is a difficult journey, but we are committed to following each day together.  We have only completed a few days, but I have already learned some important lessons.  They are as follows....

  • I love my wife so much and it is important to me to become a better husband.  The husband that God would have me to be. 
  • Her happiness cannot be sacrificed for mine
  • I must be patient (always think before I speak). 
These may sound like simple concepts and perhaps each of you have mastered them, but I encourage you to reinforce them within your marriage. 

Pastor Robert Eaby

P.S. I bought the book The Love Dare at the Family Christian Bookstore.  The book that I purchased has a leather cover so I was able to have it inscribed (like a Bible) with our names and anniversary date. 

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