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Friday, March 20 2009
In the 4th chapter of Romans, Paul is writing of Abraham.  It is within this chapter that Paul writes the following (Amplified)...

19 He did not weaken in faith when he considered the [utter] impotence of his own body, which was as good as dead because he was about a hundred years old, or [when he considered] the barrenness of Sarah's [deadened] womb. [Gen. 17:17; 18:11.]
20 No unbelief or distrust made him waver (doubtingly question) concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God,
21 Fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised.

Despite Abraham's situation or circumstances he never wavered at the promise that was given to him.  It seems that Abraham's faith was made stronger through praise.  I preached a sermon recently that I titled "The Cure for all that Ails you".  I preached that praise can work miracles in your life.   Throughout the Bible the principle exists that when we praise God that our faith is lifted and the chains that bind us break.  2 Corinthians 3 states...

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Like Abraham, we need to praise God in the worst of situations understanding that God's promises are still true.  Paul wrote in the King James Version that Abraham "staggered not at the promise of God".  That is a testimony to every Christian that looks at their circumstances, but knows the promise that God gave them.  Just keep walking forward and you will grab hold of your promise.
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