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Monday, April 06 2009
Paul opens Romans 11 with a question...

I ASK then: Has God totally rejected and disowned His people? Of course not! Why, I myself am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, a member of the tribe of Benjamin! [I Sam. 12:22; Jer. 31:37; 33:24-26; Phil. 3:5.]

I believe this question is a continuation of Romans 10 where Paul writes...

1 BRETHREN, [with all] my heart's desire and goodwill for [Israel], I long and pray to God that they may be saved.

Paul obviously had a great burden for Israel although he claimed to be the "Apostle of the Gentiles" in Romans 11:13.  His writings reveal an apparent desire for his people to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Paul's burden for souls is great and is a fantastic example to us.  We should have a desire to reach souls starting with our family, extending to our neighborhood, our state, our nation and those that live throughout the world. 

We are witnesses and have the power to be witnesses...

8 But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.

God give me a burden for those that need Jesus Christ!

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